Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Eclectic Approach

There are several elements which are very important in the learning process of a student. The teacher is one of those important elements. Teachers should be prepared with a specific approach in order to facilitate the learning process of the students. Nowadays, in Puerto Rico, there is generally only one teacher for approximately twenty five students. Keeping in mind that every human being learns and understands concepts by different means, the teacher needs to use a combination of methods. When the teacher develops its own eclectic method it will fortunately help the students as a group, understand the target language.

As I revised all the methods discussed in class, I noticed that some of these share the same characteristics. I realized many of these are important and vital in the teaching-learning process of language. After analyzing my options I narrowed down my list of characteristics and formulated my own approach. My eclectic approach consists of a combination of the following methods: The Direct Method, Audiolingual, Suggestopedia, and Total Physical Response (TPR).

The Direct Method was chosen because of its emphasis on the use of the target language since the beginning. While the student listens to the target language he feels in contact with it. He or she will get used to listening the language. This will make the student gain confidence since he or she will get aquainted with it. The result of this practice will lead to correct pronunciation. That is, if the teacher is a good speaker of the language to be taught. Another important characteristic of this method is the emphasis on inductive grammar. This method awakes the student's cognitive thinking. It will make the student construct his/her own knowledge and it is a good way to make the student understand the rules of grammar.Just as math teachers show students the whole process for a problem step by step, an English teacher should do the same to get her students improve their language skills.

The Audiolingual Method is not one of my favorites, but there are two specific characteristics that I like: the teaching of vocabulary in context and the emphasis on pronunciation. Using vocabulary in context will help the student understand the real meaning of a word. It also makes the student realize how and when to use a word. There are various ways you can teach definitions of words but I think this is the best way. Learning vocabulary in context will supersize the students lexicon. Finally, the emphatization on pronunciation will make the student sound as a native spaker. Starting with the target language since the beginning, as in the Direct Method, the student will get used to listening to words with correct pronunciation and consequently, with little correction, he or she will speak correctly.

The next method chosen for my eclectic approach is Suggestopedia. I definitively would incorporate music in my class. It has been proved that music helps relax the brain, moreover, it contributes to the overall growth and development of the child. Although this method specifies the use of Baroque music because of its beats, I would use any classical tune. I also like the fact that this kind of characteristic leads to superlearning.

The Total Physical Response Method is based on the functions of the brain. The association of language with physical activity benefits a student in the learning process. The student becomes an actor who is directed by the teacher in the form of commands. A baby will stop his actions when his mother says "No!" in both ways physical and oral (by moving her head and saying the word). Evidently it is of human nature to act upon commands.

There are a various methods and a lot of characteristics to chose from, but I think that these characteristics can be the general basics to a good teaching-learning experience to both, teachers and students.


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  • At 4:09 PM, Blogger Pier Angeli said…

    Hello Rosa this is your Professor Pier Angeli Le Compte:

    I revised your blog and it is very good. I just found a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes.
    Please talk to me or send me an e-mail if you want to know the details about the evaluation (ex. What were the mistakes, where and why did I take points off).

    Do you authorize me to share your blog with other students???

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  • At 8:19 AM, Blogger Gloria Ulloa said…

    I think you should not called your combination of methods an eclectic method, since a method responds to a philosophy and to studies done to see if they work or not.


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